Program Summary: In this program Craig uses magic as a starting point to explore math concepts and problem solving tools.  The goal here is to show math as something that is accessable, facinating, challanging and fun.  Below are some of the terms used during the program. 

Prediction- telling what will happen in the future
Experimenting - changing something and finding out what happens, trying things out
Probabilty- the chance of something happening
Encode- to put information into code
Decode- to reverse information that has been encoded
Magic - making things seem to disappear, appear or change size or color, perdicting the future, magic is done for extertainment and fun
Symmetry - a balance of the parts of something
Digits - the numbers 0 to 9
Audience Behavior: Review with children what is expected of them during the assembly program and how to enter and exit the auditorium.  Also discuss appropriate responses to performer (clapping, laughing etc.) 
Biography of Performer - Craig Collis studied mathematics in college, is a certified teacher of mathematics and taught for 10 years.  Craig received his Masters of Mathematics Education degree from Temple University.  After leaving teaching Craig became a full-time professional magician.  Some of his notable credits are his appearances at the Winter Olympics and at NY's Lincoln Center.  Now Craig performs his mathematics assembly programs across the country.  He has performed in over 6000 schools. 
Math, Magic & Mystery
Assembly Program
presentation II - grades (3-6)